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American Avalanche Association Certified Avalanche Education

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Taught by A3 Certified Avalanche Instructor and A3 Professional Members
Course Curriculum is Certified and Approved by  American Avalanche Association

MAS/SWS Avalanche Courses blend classroom and “on-snow” exercises to provide a thorough and “hands-on” understanding of avalanche hazards.  MAS/SWS follows A3 certifies professional avalanche training programs to ensure programmatic quality, consistency and up-to-date curriculum content.  The organization maintains avalanche education standards and scientific recording methodologies in the United States. A3 Guidelines for Avalanche Education in the United States provide a common framework for recreational and professional avalanche courses. These guidelines address courses like Avalanche Awareness, Level 1, Avalanche Rescue, Level 2, Pro 1, Pro 2, and ProSAR.


MAS/SWS Avalanche Course participants benefit from our classroom that is a stone’s throw from the snow so little time wasted when transitioning to the field portions. Overall MAS and Bear Valley provide the ideal setting for learning and honing your winter backcountry skills. We hope to see you in the snow soon.

A3 Avalanche Level I Course

A3 Certified Avalanche Level 1  – Avalanche Fundamentals

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Taught by either an A3 Certified Avalanche Instructor and A3 Professional Member
Avalanche Level I curriculum is Certified and Approved by  American Avalanche Association (A3)

3 Days / 24 Plus Hours /  $400.00

Learn essential avalanche avoidance skills during this 3-day course. The focus is on recognizing and mitigating hazards and learning to make the right decisions in avalanche terrain. Gain a thorough understanding of terrain and snowpack evaluation, trip planning, travel techniques, and rescue skills.

Topics Covered:

Course Info:

Additional Certified A3 Avalanche Level 1 Course Dates available at our Mt. Shasta Location – A3 Avalanche Level 1 – Shasta

 A3 Avalanche Rescue Course

Mount Shasta and Bear Valley California  – Check California Ski Guides for additional dates and locations

Taught by A3 Certified Avalanche Instructor and A3 Professional Member
Approved Avalanche Rescue Course Curriculum  by  American Avalanche Association

1 Days / 8 Plus Hours /  $185.00

Avalanche Rescue Course is a new component of the American Avalanche Associations progression of avalanche education. The fundamental goal of the course is to give participants the skills necessary to safely perform a companion or team rescue in the event of an avalanche incident.

The Avalanche Rescue Course revolves around four core curriculum areas: Avalanche Rescue Principles, Avalanche Equipment and Applications, the Companion Rescue Process, and Avalanche Victim Basic Care. With the completion of this one-day course, participants should have a better skill set for understanding the hazards of avalanches, what is required to perform a search of one or more buried individuals, and what is necessary to rescue a victim once found.

While this course can be taken by itself, it is not intended to replace the Avalanche Level 1 Course. Additionally, the Avalanche Rescue Course is a prerequisite for people looking to take the Avalanche Level 2 Course, Pro-1, and the ProSAR courses.

The California Ski Guide instructor staff is composed of a combination of certified avalanche instructors, ski patrollers, and professional backcountry ski and splitboard guides. All of our staff members have real-world avalanche experience from years of guiding around the world. They will be your instructors in some of the critical, essential hands-on learning that you could ever do.

Additional Certified AAA Avalanche Rescue Course Dates available at our Mt. Shasta Location – Avalanche Rescue – Shasta

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A3 Avalanche Level 2 Course

A3 Certified Avalanche Level 2 / Pro 1 pre-course review – Avalanche Processes & Leadership
Bear Valley, California & Mt. Shasta, California

4 Days / 40 Plus Hours / $500.00

Avalanche Level 2 Course taught by A3 Certified Avalanche Instructor Timothy Keating. Course Curriculum is Certified and Approved by  American Avalanche Association   A3 Avalanche Level 2 Course Curriculum.

Avalanche Level 2 Course /Pro 1- Pre-course consists of 40 plus hours of instruction in lecture, video, discussion, and field study in the Mt. Shasta Backcountry.  At least 24+ hours of which will be spent learning hands-on in the snow.  Avalanche Level 2 Course is designed to build on the necessary information and skills developed in the Avalanche level 1 course and then explore deeper into the up to date science behind avalanches.  The goal is to give students a more technical understanding of how avalanches develop and release so that they might be able to make safer life-saving decisions.

Our course is perfect for a variety of winter recreationists; backcountry skiers, ski mountaineer’s, snowmobilers, as well as professionals, including; backcountry rangers, ski patrol, and other winter professional working in the out-of-doors.

The Avalanche Level 2 Course is a more advanced field study aimed to give a greater understanding of snow science and how avalanches develop and release.  A review of snow mechanics along with avalanche hazards evaluation taught through both lectures and hands-on training.  The field study portion will focus on the newest snow assessment techniques to help develop reliable decision-making in both the front and backcountry.  Included in the course curriculum is the most modern advances in avalanche rescue techniques & equipment.

Our instructor staff for the Avalanche Level 2 Course is lead by 35+ year mountain guide and A3 Certified Avalanche Instructor Timothy Keating with over 20 winter seasons of avalanche experience.  The remainder of our team comprised of mountain guides, ski patrollers, and ski/split board guides that have a wide variety of real-life experience in avalanche terrain.  Book today to get into the course that might one day save a life, maybe even yours!

  • Cost: $500.00
  • Departure: Mt. Shasta, California
  • Group Size: Limited to 12 Clients
  • Instructor to Client Ratio: 1:6
  • Prerequisites: Avalanche Level 1 or Level 1 Refresher in last five years & course provider’s recommended reading.  Note: Level 1 cannot be attended in the same season as Level 2
  • Bear Valley, California 2019 Dates:  February 15-18 - President's Day Weekend
  • Mount Shasta, California 2019 Dates:  January 18-21, March 7-11

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Free “Know Before You Go”™ Avalanche Awareness Lectures at REI

Whether you ski, snowshoe, snowboard or snowmobile in the backcountry, recognition of avalanche danger is an essential and potentially lifesaving skill. These educational 1.5-hour multimedia presentations provide an overview of the remarkable phenomenon of avalanches! Attendees gain a basic understanding of the formation and release of avalanches and ways to avoid them. This program is an excellent primer to taking the MAS / SWS  Certified A3 Avalanche Level I or Level II Course in either Bear Valley or Mt. Shasta.

Course Information:

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