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Ebbetts Pass Century Ride (EPC) – Aug. 19, 2017


The 10th Annual Ebbetts Pass Century Ride (EPC) is August 19, 2017 with four route lengths to challenge a variety of cyclists.  All rides start and finish in the small alpine village of Bear Valley, California at 7100 ft., and regardless which course you choose, you can expect great scenery, smooth roads, well stocked support stations with good food and some of the best cycling terrain in the country.  No wonder our backyard is called the “California Alps”.


New – This years century ride ventures to Markleeville, home of the Death Ride.  This addition extends riders time in the High Sierra and pedaling in the “California Alps”.  You can also follow this event on Facebook.



Ebbetts Pass Century



Ebbetts Pass Century Ride

This demanding ride takes participants through dense forests, demanding climbs up high mountain passes with spectacular vistas, and exhilarating descents.  This region of California is often referred to by experienced and knowledgeable cyclist as the “California Alps”, as these road offer some of the best cycling terrain in the Sierra Nevada Range and beyond. Strategic support stations keep riders fueled and culminates with a tasty post-ride meal in Bear Valley.





Online Century Route Map and PDF

Cycle Route 4009570 – via


Ebbetts Pass Century Ride Registration: (click on date to register)TBA

Cost: $95


Ebbetts Pass Century



Bear Valley Metric Century Ride

This “super-scenic” ride packs a lot of punch while exploring some of the best terrain of the Ebbetts Pass Century including Spicer Reservoir, Lake Alpine and the west-side of Ebbetts Pass including the memorable 24% “Pacific Grade” at mile 52!





Online Metric Century Map and PDF

Cycle Route 3519976 – via

Metric Century Ride Registration: (click on date to register)TBA

Cost: $85


Ebbetts Pass Century




Bear Valley Half Century Ride

This striking and enjoyable ride is a good balance of climbs, descents, distance and of course spectacular scenery.  This is a good ride to start acclimating to endurance cycling at altitude.




Online Half Century Route Map and PDF


Cycle Route 3520046 – via

Half Century Ride Registration: (click on date to register)TBA

Cost: $70


Ebbetts Pass Century



Stanislaus Quarter Century Ride

This is a great introduction to Sierra Nevada cycling with smooth roads, exhilarating descents & substantial climbs.  All the while surrounded by spectacular scenery with strategic supports stations to keep you pedaling.




Online Stanislaus Quarter Century Course Map:

Cycle Route 3520062 – via

Quarter Century Ride Registration: (click on date to register)TBA

Cost: $60


Ebbetts Pass Century




About the EPC

The EPC event is a celebration of the world-class road cycling in and around the greater Bear Valley area nestled at 7100 ft on the west slopes of the Sierra Nevada.  Simply put Bear Valley is a great place to host a cycling event.  All four of the EPC rides venture to the the Spicer Reservoir before climbing back to Bear Valley and onto higher terrain on the Sierra crest.  It doesn’t matter which ride length you choose (103, 66, 51 or 26 miles), the views are spectacular, the road quality high and plentiful support supports with good food along the way.


While the EPC is not like the bigger Death Ride event based out of Markleeville in early July, the EPC does shares 46 miles (of the best terrain in our opinion 🙂 of the Death Ride route.  The roads are not closed to vehicle traffic during the EPC, and the event averages about 125 riders per year.  We like to think of the EPC as a quality operation with an emphasis on cycling, adventure, food and smiles


Proceeds from the EPC benefit the Bear Valley Parents Group, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that operates the Bear Valley Summer Day Camp and Busy Bears preschool and after school programs.

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Ebbetts Pass Century